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FAQ: Can i travel to india if my passport expires in 3 months?

Answer: You will not be denied entry. If you just got your passport, it has 10 years of validity left. The requirement is 3 months beyond your planned date of departure. Your passport is valid for travel.

Can a US citizen with an Indian passport travel to India?

  • My friend’s Indian passport is expiring in May 2018. She’s a longtime US resident with a green card. Can she travel to India in December 2017 for two weeks? She is concerned that there is a “6 month expiration rule” that would prevent her from doing so since the passport is close to expiry.

Can I travel to India with less than 6 months on my passport?

A. For any international travel Passport Must by valid for minimum 6 months, so you can not travel on this passport.

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How long should your passport be valid for when Travelling to India?

PASSPORT VALIDITY: Must be valid for six months beyond date of visa application to obtain a visa. BLANK PASSPORT PAGES: Two pages required.

Can I travel if I only have 3 months left on my passport?

Most countries let you stay for up to 3 months without a visa. That’s why they require at least 3 months validity on your passport past your departure date. But a few countries, including in Europe, have expanded the passport validity requirement to 6 months.

Can I travel to India if my US passport expires in 3 months?

There should be no need to renew your passport before your trip. Answer: You need to have at least 6 months validity on your passport in order to apply for a visa to India. If you already have a visa, you may travel with your current passport.

Can I travel with less than 6 months on my passport?

How long should you have left on your passport? In general, many countries that require a visa to enter will require at least six months validity on your passport when entering the country, so make sure you find out whether your passport has long enough before it expires before you travel.

Can I travel if my passport expires in 2 months?

Australian passport validity for travel Technically, Australian passports are valid till their expiry date. If your passport is expiring in a month or two, some countries like the United States still permit travel. Here’s a country-by-country guide to travel requirements – visas included!

Can I travel to India if my passport expires in 1 month?

Yes. The passport is valid for entry into India till the day its valid (the midnight of it, to be precise); and you are arriving well before its expiry. Transit in Doha does not require a visa. If you have visas in the old passport that are still valid, it will be returned to you upon renewal.

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Which countries require 6 months of passport validity?

In Asia, nations like China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand enforce this rule. South American countries like Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia also need a passport that’s good for six months. While it may seem like a hassle now, this a six- or three- month validity rule helps in case of emergency.

Can you travel back to India with expired passport?

Airline will deny you boarding with expired passport. Only thing you can do is go to nearest Indian embassy and renew the passport. It can take two weeks. If it is urgent to travel, you can directly approach the consulate and they will provide an emergency document that is valid only for returning to India.

How long does a passport take to get renewed?

Typically: Routine service – 6- 8 weeks (by mail or in person) Expedited service – 2-3 weeks (by mail or in person)

Can you book a flight if your passport is being renewed?

Not only is it proof of citizenship, but it is often the only acceptable form of identification for foreigners in many nations. Most countries require at least six months validity on a passport for entry. Booking a trip with an expiring or expired passport requires immediate renewal of the document.

How many months do you need on your passport to travel to Spain?

The passport will always need to be valid three months beyond the expected stay in the country. Before booking a trip, not just to Spain but to any country within the Schengen Area, it is a good idea to check the passport validity.

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How do I extend my passport validity?

You can apply for a re-issue of passport up to 1 year before the expiry or within three years after the expiry of the existing passport without fresh police verification, provided there is no change in personal particulars and there is clear police report with respect to your previous passport and there is no adverse

Is police verification needed for passport renewal?

Under new policies, police verification is not required for reissue / renewal of passport if the applicant submits the renewal application before his/her current passport expires. Additionally, the applicant’s previous police verification should be clear and he/she should have no criminal cases against him/her.

What if my passport expires while I am abroad?

First of all most countries will not let you enter their country if your passport is going to expire in less than six months. You simply apply to the Consulate or High Commission of your country in the foreign land to extend the validity of your passport.

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