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Police in india?

The Indian Police Service (IPS), (Hindi: भारतीय पुलिस सेवा : ISO: Bhāratīya Pulisa Sēvā ) is a civil service under the All India Services. It replaced the Indian Imperial Police in 1948, a year after India became independent from the British Raj.

  • For the police in India, see Law enforcement in India. The Indian Police Service (IPS), (Hindi: भारतीय पुलिस सेवा : ISO: Bhāratīya Pulisa Sēvā) is a civil service under the All India Services. It replaced the Indian Imperial Police in 1948, a year after India became independent from the British Raj.

Which state police is best in India?

Rank State Police Station
1 Manipur NongpokSekmai
2 Tamil Nadu AWPS-Suramangalam
3 Arunachal Pradesh Kharsang
4 Chhattisgarh Jhilmili (Bhaiya Thana)

How many police are there in India?

The sanctioned strength of the police across states was around 2.8 million in 2017 (the year with the latest available data) but only 1.9 million police officers were employed (a 30% vacancy rate).

What does 3 star mean in police?

In India, the Director General of Police (DGP) is a three star rank and the highest ranking police officer in Indian States and Union Territories. All DGPs are Indian Police Service (IPS) officers. The DGP is usually the head of the state police force in every Indian state.

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Who is higher IG or DGP?

Each range or zone is headed by an officer in the rank of Additional DGP or Inspector General of Police. The Commissioner of Police may be of the rank of Additional DGP, or IGP but can also be in the rank of DIGP. The Commissioner of Police is empowered with the powers of an executive magistrate, and functions as such.

Who is best police in India?

Top 10 police stations of India for 2020 announced

1 NongpokSekmai Manipur
2 AWPS- Suramangalam Tamil Nadu
3 Kharsang Arunachal Pradesh
4 Jhilmili (Bhaiya Thana) Chhattisgarh

Which country police is best?

One of the best police forces in Europe is the Metropolitan Police Service (Met) or Scotland Yard, responsible for law enforcement in Greater London. They ranked #1 in’s “best police forces in the world” list. The Met was founded in 1829 and has a very good track record.

Do Traffic police carry guns?

In the United States, yes, patrol officers are typically armed with at least one handgun.

Can I slap a police officer?

No police man cannot slap you or force you. In case he has done so you can complaint before the Senior police officials and further in case they fail to take steps then file a petition before the High court seeking the relief and inquiry against the said police officer.

Which city police is best in India?

Government announces list of 10 best performing police stations in India Nongpok Sekmai (Thoubal, Manipur) AWPS-Suramangalam (Salem, Tamil Nadu) Kharsang (Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh) Jhilmili (Surajpur, Chhattisgarh) Sanguem (South Goa, Goa) Kalighat (North and Middle Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

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What is the salary of DGP?

An experienced IPS officer, in the posting of a DGP, earns up to INR 2,25,000 a month. IPS Salary After 7th Pay Commission.

Rank Salary
Senior Superintendent of Police INR 78,800
Deputy Inspector General of Police INR 1,31,100
Inspector General of Police INR 1,44,200
Director General of Police INR 2,05,400

Who is police head?

List of current Chiefs of Police Forces in the States and Union territories of India

S.No. State Name of Police Chief
9 Himachal Pradesh Sanjay Kundu, IPS
10 Jharkhand Niraj Sinha, IPS
11 Karnataka Praveen Sood, IPS
12 Kerala Lokanath Behera, IPS

Who is more powerful IAS or IPS?

The job profile of both IAS and IPS services is very broad and both are posted on powerful posts, but IAS is much more powerful as a DM. An IPS has only the responsibility of its department, but an IAS (DM) has the responsibility of all the departments of the district.

Who is more powerful IAS or DGP?

All IAS officers are considered to be more powerful than IPS officers due to certain reasons. Some of them are stated below. The first reason is that the DGP of the State is a more powerful police officer of the state but he has been reported to the home secretary who will be an IAS officer.

Who is bigger DGP or commissioner?

Police commissioner (also referred to as the commissioner of police) may be a senior rank in many police forces. In India, the Director-General of Police (abbr. DGP ) is that the highest-ranking policemen officer in an Indian State or Union Territory.

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Who is bigger SP or ACP?

ACP is the highest rank than SP.

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