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Quick Answer: Vodafone india customer care numbers?

How do I contact Vodafone Customer Care by phone?

Alternatively, call us on 1907 or +353 1 203 8232. For Fixed Line and Broadband queries call 1800 800 020.

How do I speak to a person at Vodafone India?

Contacting Vodafone. Call customer service to speak with a representative over the phone. If you live in India, call +91 982 009 8200 or dial 199 from your mobile phone. Go through the automated prompts until you reach the option indicating you would like to speak to an agent.

How can I talk to Vi customer care executive?

The Vi ™ Advantage To download the Toll Free Service brochure, click here. To request a call back click here or reach out to us directly at 1800 123 123 123. In case you are looking for the Customer Care Number for your Vi ™ Mobile Connection, click here.

How can I speak to Vodafone executive?

Vodafone Idea customer can call on general helpline number 199 for Enquiries and Requests related to Scheme/Bill Plan/VAS Information etc (Chargeable at 50paisa/3 minutes for Agent assistance) or Dial 198 (tollfree) for complaints or service requests like Provisioning, Billing & Metering issues, Allocation of Tariff 5 дней назад

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Is the 191 Vodafone number free?

Call Vodafone customer services on 191 free from a Vodafone Pay monthly mobile, or 03333 040191 from any other UK phone (standard charges apply).

How can I complain to Vodafone?

Vodafone Customer Care Number, Toll Free Number, Email Address Vodafone Customer Care: Vodafone users can make note of Vodafone Customer Care Number mentioned below to contact the company Customer service team and register your complaints. Vodafone Customer Care Number: 9884098840 / Vodafone Care on +91 9820098200.

How do I talk to customer service?

Here are some essential tips and expressions for speaking successfully with any customer. Greet Customers Appropriately. Casually Introduce Yourself and the Company. Understand and Respond to the Client’s Needs. Successfully Negotiate with a Customer About Pricing. Deal with a Rude Customer Without Being Rude Yourself.

What is the 0800 number for Vodafone?

0800 800 021 – used by our customer service centre. 0800 837 867 – used by our shop team to talk about a purchase you may have made. You can call back these numbers for more info.

How can I complain to idea?

A password will be e-mailed to you. Idea Customer Care Numbers, Toll Free Helpline & Complaint Numbers and Email ID.

Idea Customer Care Details Idea Customer Care Numbers
Idea Customer Care Number 12345 (chargeable)
Idea Toll Free Number 198 ( Idea Customer Care Number Toll Free No.)
Idea Helpline Number 1800-270-0000
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