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Quick Answer: What large mountain range is found north of india?

Great Himalayas, also called Higher Himalayas or Great Himalaya Range, highest and northernmost section of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

  • The mountain range north of India is the Himilayas

What large mountain range is north of India?

The Himalayas are bordered to the northwest by the mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram and to the north by the high and vast Plateau of Tibet. The width of the Himalayas from south to north varies between 125 and 250 miles (200 and 400 km).

What mountain range is located at India’s northern border?

The northern frontiers of India are defined largely by the Himalayan mountain range, where the country borders China, Bhutan, and Nepal. Its western border with Pakistan lies in the Karakoram range, Punjab Plains, the Thar Desert and the Rann of Kutch salt marshes.

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Which is the major mountain system found in the North India?

The Pir Panjal Range is located in southern direction of Himalayas starting from Himachal Pradesh in India and running north-west towards Jammu & Kashmir and disputed area of Jammu & Kashmir. This range is also known as Lower Himalayas. Rivers like Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum flow through this range.

Which is the northernmost range of India?

The northernmost range is called the Great Himalayas and is also the oldest of the three.

Which is the smallest mountain in India?

Overlooking the Vale of Kashmir, Haramukh rises to 16,872 feet (5,143 metres) and is located some 22 miles (35 km) north of Srinagar.

Which is the largest mountain in India?

Mountain Peaks in India and Indian Subcontinent

Top 10 Highest Peaks in India
Mountain Peak Height
K2 8611 metres
Kangchenjunga 8586 metres
Nanda Devi 7816 metres

What are the 3 main rivers of India?

The Ganges, Indus, and the Brahmaputra are the three largest rivers flowing in and through India.

Which is the smallest state in India?

Area of India: 3,287,240 Sq km.*

Largest State Rajasthan 342,239 Sq km
Smallest State Goa 3,702 Sq km
Largest Union Territory Andaman & Nicobar Islands 8,249 Sq km
Smallest Union Territory Lakshadweep 32 Sq km
Largest District Kachchh ( Gujarat ) 45,652 Sq km

How are states divided in India?

India is a federal union comprising 28 states and 8 union territories, for a total of 36 entities. The states and union territories are further subdivided into districts and smaller administrative divisions.

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What are the 3 ranges of Himalayas?

The Himalayas consist of three parallel ranges, the Greater Himalayas known as the Himadri, the Lesser Himalayas called the Himachal, and the Shivalik hills, which comprise the foothills. Mount Everest at a height of 8848m is the highest peak followed by the Kanchanjunga at 8598 m.

What is the smallest mountain in the Himalayas?

Now that you’ve climbed Everest, or at least sifted through a porter-load of stories about climbing it, you should take a break and do something different. Something completely different. That desire led us to Mount Wycheproof, the world’s smallest registered mountain.

What is the name of the range of mountain in the North?

The Karakoram Range spans across these borders, slightly north to the Himalayas in India. Rivaling the Himalayas, K2 is the tallest peak in this mountain range and second-highest peak in the world, towering at about 28,000 feet.

Which country has maximum Himalaya?

India has the most share of the Himalayas. Himalayas is an Indian (Sanskrit and now Hindi) word.. ‘Himaalay’ which means “ a gathering of ice” or ‘abode of snow’. India has about 460,000 kms of the Himalayas, more than the other countries like Nepal, China, Pakistan, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

What is the North most range?

Its highest peak is the highest point in Peary Land. Located about 720 kilometres (450 mi) from the North Pole, the Roosevelt Range is the northernmost mountain range on Earth.

Which is the highest range of Himalaya?

The Himalayas include over fifty mountains exceeding 7,200 m (23,600 ft) in elevation, including ten of the fourteen 8,000-metre peaks. By contrast, the highest peak outside Asia (Aconcagua, in the Andes) is 6,961 m (22,838 ft) tall.

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Length 2,400 km (1,500 mi)
Native name Himālaya
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