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Readers ask: Volvo bus india?

Is Volvo Bus profitable in India?

It’s very much profitable trust me, if you buy a single Volvo bus for 1 cr. Rupees, and start functioning between two major cities say hyderabad and bangalore each ticket costs you INR 1400 now each bus has 45 seats which if multiplied equals to 63,000 that means for a single trip you ll earn 63,000.

How much does Volvo bus cost in India?

Volvo Bus price list in India

All Volvo Bus Models Volvo Bus Price list 2020
Volvo 9400XL BUS 8,850,000 /- Read More
Volvo 8400 City Bus 7,184,000 /- Read More
Volvo B7R Bus 9,000,000 /- Read More
Volvo B9R Bus 11,500,000 /- Read More

What is mileage of Volvo Buses in India?

The average mileage of the Volvo buses in BMTC is about 2.5- 3 kmpl. “The engines are high powered, but power brakes and AC are the major reasons they consume more fuel and cover less distance. But in all, our buses do suffer from slow-moving traffic in the city.

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Are Volvo buses safe in India?

Safety always comes first at Volvo Buses. It’s a core value and has been our guiding star since 1927. Already back then Volvo’s founders stated that “ Safety is and must be the basic principle in all design work”. Today, almost 90 years later, we stand by this with our vision: zero accidents with Volvo Group products.

What is the salary of a Volvo bus driver in India?

Salary Recap The average pay for a Bus Driver is INR 274,044 a year and INR 132 an hour in India. The average salary range for a Bus Driver is between INR 206,091 and INR 338,295.

Which is the best bus travels in India?

Top 15 Best Private BUS Service Providers in India Parveen Travels. Parveen Travels headquartered in Chennai and one of the most trusted travel and tourism operator in the South India. SRS Travels. Prasanna Travels. Orange Travels. Jabbar Travels. Neeta Travels. SRM Travels. SVR Travels.

How much CC is Volvo bus?

Volvo 9400 13.8M Highlights Powertrain behind this Volvo bus is 10800 cc 6 cylinder D11C 370, Turbocharged, Intercooled engine. It is powered by diesel fuel and produces a maximum power of 370 HP.

What is the most expensive bus?

Take a tour of the world’s most expensive luxury busses Marchi Mobile EleMment Palazzo – R43 288 200. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus – R36 073 500. Monaco Dynasty 45P – R8 386 622.06. Country Coach Magna 630 – R7 092 434.25. Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach – R18 762 548.82. Newmar King Aire – No price can be placed on this beauty.

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Does Volvo bus have toilet?

Six multi-axle Volvo buses will have toilets The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has launched such services in select buses. Six multi-axle Volvo buses will have toilets and two of them will also have in-house pantry services.

Which is the longest bus route in India?

BENGALURU: Ever wondered which is the longest bus route operating in India? According to an analysis by online bus ticketing platform redBus, it’s the one between Bengaluru and Jaitaran in Rajasthan, which spans a distance of 1,954km in 37 hours and 30 minutes.

What is the top speed of Volvo Bus?

Volvo bus B7R top speed racing India 125kmh.

How much fuel does a bus use per km?

The fuel consumption was determined to in average 26 liter per 100 km (for the average speed of 60 km /h), including all idle and auxiliaries such as air conditioners and winter heaters.

What is difference between Volvo B9R and B11R?

Simply B9R means it has 9 litre engine and B11R means 11 littre engine. It is mounted at rear part side of the bus. Volvo B9R means it has a engine displacement of 9 litre volvo B11R means it has a displacement of 11 litre. more displacement means more stroke length, more stroke length means more torque.

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