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Often asked: India post office tracking?

How can I track my tracking number from India Post?

SMS based Status : You can also track through the SMS service. Article type ‘ POST track <. 13 digit article number >. ‘ to track the status and send SMS on 166 or 51969. Alternatively, you can browse the government website and find the consignment status , Www. indiapost

How do I track my parcel from the post office?

Check your delivery’s progress Track a package you’ve posted easily with our Track & Trace tool. Just enter the reference number on your tracking label or receipt. It’s 9-27 characters long.

How can I check old speed post status?

Tracking Type: Select the speed post international option for tracking EMS and domestic for tracking other letter types. Enter the article number and click on the track speed post button. The delivery status will be displayed here. Status via SMS: You can also track the mail by sending an SMS message to 166 or 51969.

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How do I track registered post?

Registered Post Tracking Enter valid consignment number in the above form or in the India Post office official website. And press ‘ Track Registered Post ‘ button. It is unique and not case sensitive. A new web page will be opened with more detailed information about your consignment current status. This data is available for three months only.

How do I track an order?

You can use the tracking number to help find out when your shipment will arrive. Use the tracking number Find the order you want to track . If you see multiple orders , select View order to see details. Find the shipment you want to track . Click Track shipment .

What happens if speed post is not delivered?

If item is not delivered to recipient then the mail will keep at Speed post office for 18 days. If item is not delivered delivered and full postage wasn’t paid then the mail will keep at Speed post office for 18 days. If item is not delivered and custom charge is due then we will keep it for 21 days at post office.

How much is a tracking number at the post office?

At the Post Office , USPS tracking can be purchased for Media Mail as well as First Class Package service for a cost of $0.90 ( tracking is included for free for First Class Package Service when you print postage online, but a charge is required for First Class Package Service at the Post Office ).

Can the post office track a package without a tracking number?

Just remember to hold on to your retail receipt! The Postal Service cannot track or locate an item without the tracking number . What does a USPS Tracking ® label look like? The tracking number is the series of numbers under the barcode.

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Do I have to tell the post office what is in my parcel?

When you go to a Post Office counter to send a parcel , the counter clerk will ask what it contains. The regulations also apply to any person or business sending goods by mail . Sending prohibited or badly packaged Dangerous Goods could result in fines or imprisonment, as well as posing a risk to people and property.

How long does post office keep tracking?

United States Postal Service keeps the record of tracking service for only 120 days or 4 months . Certified Mail service, Priority Mail Express service, Registered Mail service, and Numbered International Mail services: Up to 2 years .

How much time Speed Post takes?

​ D​o​mestic​​​​​​

​Success Indicators​​ Averag​​e Time Taken​
Metro-Metro 1-3 Days
State Capital to State Capital 1- 4 Days
Same State 1- 4 Days
Rest of the Country 4- 5 Days

Does Speed Post deliver Sunday?

Ans- In normal days , speed Post does not provide delivery on Sundays . But on special cases like festival seasons like rakee, new year special delivery will be provided on Sundays as well.

What is difference between registered post and speed post?

The major difference between speed post and the registered post is that speed post is address-specific service, in essence, the delivery of the article can be taken by the addressee or any other person availabke at that address also, such as the family members of the addressee while registered post is addressee-

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