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Question: Union bank of india share price?

Is it good to buy Union Bank share?

Union Bank ( UNIONBANK ) Experts Views ( BUY SELL) [2021] ( UNIONBANK ) share price target [experts views] BUY /SELL -NSE stock exchange. The session was a bearish session and prices moved within a range of 38.25 and 44.80, with a volume of 27.99% compared to average volume that Union Bank normally has.

How do I buy Union Bank shares?

Sale and purchase of shares may be done through the registered share broker of recognised Stock Exchange.

What is the share price of 10 RS?

Summary Table for best stocks to buy below 10 Rupees

Sr. No Company Name CMP (Rs.) 4th Dec
1 Ballarpur Industries 1.35
2 Opto Circuits India 5.85
3 Reliance Communications 1.7
4 GTL Infrastructure 0.5

Is Union Bank a loss?

For the full financial year 2019-20, Union Bank posted a standalone net loss of Rs 2,897.78 crore, down as compared with a loss of Rs 2,947.45 crore a year ago. Income during the year, however, rose to Rs 42,491.91 crore from Rs 38,540.61 crore in the previous financial year.

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Which share is best to buy now?


UPL 1/16/2020 12:47 PM Target 596-600
Sun Pharma .Inds. 1/16/2020 12:47 PM Target 460-462
Kotak Mah . Bank 1/16/2020 12:47 PM Target 1706-1710

Which bank share is Best Buy?

The list was last updated on January 11, 2021 . Reliance Industries. HDFC Bank . Hindustan Unilever. Kotak Mahindra Bank . Bajaj Finance. Bharti Airtel. Asian Paints. SBI.

Is it the right time to buy PNB shares?

No ways! If you value your money, you should stay away from investing in Punjab National bank shares and for that matter all other PSU banks. In fact, you should even be wary of keeping fixed deposits in these banks.

What is book value per share?

Book value per share (BVPS) takes the ratio of a firm’s common equity divided by its number of shares outstanding. Book value of equity per share effectively indicates a firm’s net asset value (total assets – total liabilities) on a per – share basis.

How can I invest in share market?

1. Requirements to Invest in the Share Market PAN Card – It is mandatory to have a PAN Card to invest in stocks. Demat Account – This is the account that will hold the shares in the name of the buyer. Trading Account – To start making a stock market investment , you need a trading account with a stockbroker.

Can I invest 100 RS in share market?

You don’t need to have thousands or lakhs to start trading in India. Any amount from which you can buy a stock is decent enough to start trading , no minimum money to start trading in the stock market required. In addition, you can also find a complete list of stocks whose price ranges from Rs 1 to 100 here.

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Can I buy RCOM shares now?

Reliance Communications Limited (NSE: RCOM ) As on 19th Feb 2021 RCOM Share Price closed @ 1.70 and we RECOMMEND Buy for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 1.28 & Strong Sell for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 1.97 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.

Which share is lowest today?

These stocks plunged below their 52-week low levels, and are available on the cheap. Industry.

Company Canara Bank
Current Price 159.85
Change -8.60
Change % -5.11%
Day’s Low /High 158.30 169.15

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What is net income of a bank?

A typical bank’s assets consist of all forms of personal and commercial loans, mortgages, and securities. The liabilities are interest-bearing customer deposits. The excess revenue that is generated from the interest earned on assets over the interest paid out on deposits is the net interest income .

What will happen to Andhra Bank shares after merger?

Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank are to be amalgamated into Union Bank of India with effect from April 1, 2020. It includes 325 equity shares of Union Bank of India for every 1,000 shares in Andhra Bank and 330 shares in Union Bank for every 1,000 equity shares in Corporation Bank .

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